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Did you get a misdemeanor or traffic ticket in Wake County?

A simple traffic ticket can be much more complex than most people (including most lawyers) realize.  There are 3 distinct sets of consequences:

  1. DMV consequences (lose your license/get points),
  2. Insurance consequences (1 point can = 30% increase in premium)
  3. Legal/criminal consequences (court costs, community service, a criminal “record”)

Some tickets can even result in suspension of your license.

My goal is to minimize all three consequences.  Paying the ticket outright is almost always a bad idea.

While I cannot guarantee a specific outcome, my experience in this area of law helps me make good decisions about how to handle your case, and enables me to take care of it without your having to spend time waiting around in court.

Should you wish to retain me, I will pull your driving record to weigh all options for getting the charge reduced.  This will require you to provide me with your date of birth, NCDL # and SSN (do not email ssn but can give to receptionist by phone or leave on my voicemail).  I may need to know whether you or anyone else on your auto insurance policy (family members) has used a “pjc” in the past few years.

I may have to go to court multiple times to get the right DA and right judge to get the desired result.  A prayer for judgment continued (pjc) keeps the offense from impacting your insurance so long as you do not have subsequent offenses in the relevant timeframe.  If you obtain a pjc, you would still be required to pay court costs, which are usually $188 (but there is not a fine).   However, a pjc should be used judiciously, as there is only one recognized per household for a three-year lookback period based on your insurance policy renewal date.  You (or your spouse or other driver on your policy) may need it later for something “worse.” So it may be a better option for me to reduce the ticket to a level that will not impact your insurance rate.  “Improper equipment” is sometimes an option.

What if I missed my court date?

Call me as soon as you realize your mistake, and I’ll help you fix it. Fast action is required to avoid entry of “failure to appear” or issuance of an arrest warrant.

What if I have old tickets I need to clean up?

If your license is revoked due to old tickets in Wake County, I can help you catch up and become eligible for reinstatement.

Learn about the Safe Driver Incentive Plan

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